Recipe | Chocolate turtles

They are such a fun little treat, full of all the different textures and tastes. You will get crunch, chewy, salty and sweet, uhhhm just so good.

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Recipe | How to make the BEST Chocolate Pecan Pie

My most favorite of the things that I cooked, beside the huge Turkey, was Chocolate Pecan Pie. It was so decadent and flavorful, I could eat it everyday, but it would probably be a very unhealthy idea. It is full of dark chocolate and sugar/syrup, and of course the shortbread crust is so buttery yummy.

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Recipe | Easy steps to the best waffles

I know I am not the only one loving waffles in the weekends, so I figured posting this right before it turns into the weekend was perfect timing. This waffle dough (mixture) is a bit runnier than what you would normally make, that is why you have to follow the instructions and leave it to rest for about an hour. If you follow the instructions, you will get between 15-20 crispy waffles.

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Recipe | Candied Pecans

I know this might really be a Christmas time snack, but I love them year round, and they fit very well in a lunch box too 😉- so here comes the recipe for yummy goodness.

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