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Meet the Little Rangers

Let me introduce to you, the Little Rangers, the heart, and soul of this little brand. They are the ambassadors, and you can be part of the Clan too, just sign up for Clan mail in the footer, and you will get to know everything that is happening in the Ranger-Universe, and even get some awesome freebies once in awhile.

Right under here you can meet the 6 pillars of the clan. They are all different types, but all the same shade of awesome. Check them out and say hello! If you want to meet Charlie, just hit the about button and there she is.
Technically there is another member of the Clan, who is definitely just as important as the rest. It is the Clans spirit animal, Mr. Reindeer.

By the way, did you know that all the names of the Rangers are associated with books? Any guesses to which books and which characters it is?

Mr. Reindeer

Mr. Reindeer is the Little Rangers' spirit animal. When I attended college in America I started out with a funny accent, and apparently my name "Ranger" sometimes sounded like "Reindeer".

It gave a lot of laughs, and why not pick something with great humor, a cute background and a whole lot of wonderful memories.

Ranger Ollie

Ranger Oliver or Ollie, which is the name he likes to be called. Only his Grandma calls him Oliver, because he was named after her father. Ranger Ollie likes the story of his name, but he still likes Ollie better.

Ollie has always dreamed of becoming a famous creator of graphic novels (aka comic books), because he likes superheroes and villains kicking butt in funny looking leggings.​

Ollies's favourite items:
Leggings, and snacks from the Blog

Ranger Pippin

Little Ranger Pippin is the youngest of the Clan members. He is a funky little creature, with a huge love for toys with sounds and textures.

If it was normal to get awards at his age, he would be "the worlds greatest napper".

Pippin's favourite items:
Bandana bibs, rattles and sensory toys.


Ranger Holden

The brothers Holden and Pippin are the coolest boys in town. They both love colours and games.

Ranger Holder is the oldest of the two. He enjoys taking his little brother to the playground, but what he loves the most is building houses out of LEGO.

Holden's favourite items:
Metallic Posters and slouchy beanies.

Ranger Sunny

Ranger Sunny is a larger than life character, or at least she thinks so. Sunny is a true girly-girl, with a giant heart for princess hair and dresses.

Her biggest dream is to be a princess in a big Disney inspired castle, where she can play dress up with her dolls and floaty tutus.  

Sunny's favourite items:
Headbands, star pillows and softie toys

Ranger Hazel

Little Ranger Hazel is a sassy young girl who loves colorful leggings, sneakers and a too cute and super girly hair bow.

​Hazel is not a girly-girl, but she still loves sitting in her pink and purple bedroom with mobiles and dreamcatchers, reading crazy romantic YA-books, like TFiOS.​

Hazel's favourite items:
Leggings, hairbows and mobiles.


Ranger Zooey

Little Ranger Zooey is the same age as Ranger Pippin, they actually know each other from daycare.

Ranger Zooey is full of spunk, and doesn't want to sit still for one minute - she just want to learn what is going on in the world.

If Ranger Zooey had to pick a favourite thing to do, it would be crayon doodling adventures with dragons and fairies.

Zooey's favourite items:
Bloomers, bows and binky leashes.

Charlie Ranger

My name is Charlie, originally Charlotte. I am an 80s baby, with tons of love for colours and patterns. I have always wanted to make my life about creativity, so I decided to create "Charlie's Little Rangers".

Everything from "Charlie's Little Rangers" is made by me, by hand and heart, in the cold northern country of Denmark.

Get to know the whole story here.

Charlie's favourite items:

Metallic Posters and Headbands

Who will be the next Ranger?

Who will be the next person to join the Ranger Clan. Do you have any quesses?