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Size Guide

Chubby, buff, tiny, stringbean, bigbones, scrawny or petit; I could keep going, because no one is the same, but remember everyone fits a great accessory.


Beanies / Hats:

All the sizes are in un-stretched measurements, which means that because most items are made in a super soft jersey, that they can easily stretch about an inch more than the actual measurement listed, Tween and Teen can often stretch quite a bit more.

Micro: 32 cm or 13 inches.

Mini: 40-43 cm or 17-17 inches (Earflap hats tend to lean in the higher range).

Tween: 48 cm or 19 inches.

Teen: 51 cm or 20 inches (Teen hats can also be worn by adults, because of the stretch).


One size fits most.
An example is the knot-bow headbands. The size of the headband is a so-called "One-size". It is created in such a way that it fits most from baby to teen, because you can just make the "ears" of the knot smaller or bigger depending on headsize.


The smallest leggings size is 80 (6-12M) and the biggest is 110 (about 4-5Y). From experience, the smallest of the legging can easily be used for a smaller Ranger than 80 - they will just last longer and start out a little baggier than normal leggings.

Legging sizes are very similar to H&M sizing.

Shirts / Dresses / Rompers:

Size 80 = 6-12 months

Size 86 = 12-18 months

Size 92 = 18-24 months

Size 98 = 2-3 years

Size 104 = 3-4 years

Size 110 = 4-5 years


Length of size 80 (6m-12m) skirt = approximately 17 cm.


Bloomers is the clothing item, that you can get the smallest size in at the moment. There are two types of bloomers in the shop.

Reversible Bloomers made in cotton linen:

3-6 months

6-12 months

Jersey Bloomers:

Size 80 = 6-12 months

Size 86 = 12-18 months

Size 92 = 18-24 months

Size 98 = 2-3 years