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Charlie's Little Rangers is a children's brand stock full of cuteness. Shop around and you will find everything from fun toys to children's clothes, like super soft leggings and the most adorable accessories to make your Little Ranger styling in no time.

If you are on the look-out for some custom-made children's items, Charlie's Little Rangers make unique babynests and crib bumpers, in the colours of your choosing. Crib bumpers are even available for worldwide shipping, which of course most of the items, such as bandana bibs, topknot headbands and leggings etc. in the shop is, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact CLR via email.

The products in the shop are all handmade in Denmark. I try as much as possible to buy organic fabric and yarn, if it is not possible in special cases, I always choose quality above all. You will also be able to find products made in vintage fabric; fabric I inherited from an older Ranger - my grandmother.


Below here, you can meet the Little Rangers who are ready to tell their story and what their favorite products are. They all have their own personality and funny stories to tell the world. Finally, you can click right here, where you can get, absolutely free of charge, the Little Rangers as coloring pages. If you want to share your masterpieces with me, use #RangersInColor on Instagram

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