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Review of LEGO Movie 2 - No Spoilers

Hi Rangers,
Today I will be reviewing LEGO Movie 2, and the burning question is "Is it still as AWESOME as the first time around?" and I am here to let you know, what my thoughts are about it and I promise NO SPOILERS.
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Here we go, for your reading pleasure.
There is a backstory to this. Me and my nephew won tickets for Christmas and we wanted to do something fun together, and since it was movie tickets we decided on a movie that both kids and grown-ups would like.
We were both pretty excited about the LEGO Movie 2, so super pumped!
Growing up in Denmark, LEGO or LEGO Bricks were the number one toy to get (DUH!), and looking at my nephew who, like me, wishes for LEGO sets for Christmas and every Birthday, it definitely kept its appeal and the popularity has only grown.
Well, we went to the movies, got popcorn, candy and everything else we wanted - the only way to go.
We got into our seats, took shoes and coats off and we WERE READY! Honestly, I am always a little skeptical about these types of movies. They can really go both ways, it can try to sell itself as a "grown-up" kids movie and no one likes that, or like sometimes when producers create kids movies and all they do, is talk down to the kids, no one likes that either. But, this one was AWESOME!
LEGO Movie 2 is for EVERYONE! You can bring your kids, even your grandma, it seriously is for EVERYONE.
At the most quiet in the movie, my nephew would be laughing his little heart out, and in other parts I would almost be crying laughing, because some areas were just that hilarious.
Some jokes will go over the heads of the little kids, and some might go over the grown ups too, it really all comes down to pop culture and what references you get or not.
The movie also has a lot of surprises, some of them I didn't even see coming. They are getting better at not spoiling the plot right in the beginning. You actually get to use your imagination. I promised NO SPOILERS, and of course I am sticking to it, because if I gave away the ending or the plot it would be unfair.
I would definitely recommend seeing it, or streaming it when that is available. It was AWESOME, funny and not at all "Just a kids movie".
My nephew and I, both really loved the characters, like Batman and the Green Lantern (who is a bit pathetic), but it was Emmet who melted our hard brick hearts ❤️ Like my nephew said when we exited the movie theater, Emmet was the true hero and I totally agree.
On that note, I would give this 4 out of 5 bricks (let's just call it that) and totally recommend it to EVERYONE!
I hope you enjoyed my little review, and leave a comment below or on my Youtube Channel, I would seriously appreciate it 👍🏻
XOXO Charlie
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