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About Charlie's Little Rangers

Who is Charlie?

My name is Charlie, originally Charlotte. I am an 80s baby, with tons of love for colours and patterns.
I have always wanted to make my life about creativity, so I decided to create "Charlie's Little Rangers".

Everything from "Charlie's Little Rangers" is made by me, by hand and heart, in the cold northern country of Denmark.

When you look through my webshop, you might wonder why I have chosen so many different colours in the items. That is simply because, I believe that every child has their own individual style and should be encouraged to be themselves, regardless of colour-choice.

Who says a boy can't wear a pink bandana bib or a little girl wear a bowtie. I say you wear what you want to wear. Which is something I have done my entire life. I was that little girl with the green overalls and red polkadotted Converse hightops, that everyone thought was a little "crazy" looking - I say, I was just quick to find my true self in what I wore.

Why "Little Rangers"?

When I went to America to study at University, I quickly found out that my name was super hard to pronounce if you didn't come from Denmark. So I took my name "Charlotte Foged" and translated it into english, and out came "Charlie Ranger", which became my name and what I was known as everywhere I went. Some of my music-major friends even made me a song, that made me sound like a superhero.

So with a superhero name, I figured it was appropriate to use it like this. Every child needs a superhero to believe in, so why not be a little Ranger and believe in themselves?