Beauty | How to make a top bun the mermaid way

I love having a great top bun (ballerina bun), but I didn't like any of the hair donuts on the market, because in my lavender hair, it was so obvious I was wearing one. What to do then? I went to the kids clothing store and bought a pair of lavender socks.

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Beauty | Body image is more than a number

Being beautiful has nothing to do with a number. It might seem like it when you look through beauty and fashion magazines, because to these people the number "0" is so beautiful and so is the numbers below "25". By that I mean, you have to be a tiny, preferably 18 year old girl with zero backbone.

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Beauty | Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo needs to be shaken before used, otherwise it can come out a bit watery. So, shake it up!! (Yes, just like Taylor Swift) and aim at your roots. This particular dry shampoo, because it is made for fine (limp) hair, after your spray it in, it will leave it a bit stiffer - Which I really like, because it makes my hair easier to handle.

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Beauty | Brow this way

Like they say "Get the London look". For all you busy ladies out there, who does not have time to worry about brows. I am here today to review a product called "Brow this Way" it is an eyebrow sculpting kit made by Rimmel London. Because of my natural Scandinavian complexion and fair hair colour, my eyebrows have a tendency to disappear if I don't get them dyed at the salon.

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Beauty | Lavender hair

I have had a ton of great comments about my hair, so here comes the long awaited tutorial on how to get awesome pastel lavender hair.

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