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Tips | How Barbie got her hair back

Hi Rangers,
I might not be a mom, but I am an aunt to the best niece and nephew on the planet, and i wanted them to inherit some of my old toys, that I used to love. I went to the attic of my childhood home, and found me and my sister's old Barbies. They were not all cute looking, which had to be fixed before handing them over to my niece.
Barbie's hair Salon
It's actually quite a simple process, but if you have loads of Barbies it will take some time.
All you need is this:
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Paper towels
Follow these easy steps, and Barbie's hair will be back to normal in no time:
  1. Mix water and detergent, equal parts
  2. Soak Barbie's hair thoroughly in it
  3. When Barbie's hair is all soapy, you brush it, but hold on tight to her head and don't pull to hard (remember it doesn't grow back). try to get all the little knots out, just like you would with regular hair when conditioning.
  4. Mix water and vinegar, equal parts.
  5. Yet again, dip Barbie's hair in the water-mixture, so that all the leftover detergent will be rinsed out, and Barbie's hair will be clean and clear.
  6. Brush her hair into the wanted position (I do it down her back), and wrap it in a paper towel to soak up the worst leftover water.
  7. Let it dry. I like to braid the hair (if that is the style that you want her to have) while it is still damp, that way it is easier to get nice and tight.
  8. If you need to after all that brushing and washing, you can trim the ends to get an even look.

(Pictures are modified. Original pictures come from www.lilblueboo.com)

That is it, Barbie is now ready to hit the town and paint it red (or Barbie pink).
I really hope you liked this tip, if you have any questions (or just wanna chat), leave them below in the comments and I will help you out asap.
XoXo C


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Charlie Ranger

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