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Review | Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Hi Rangers,
I am finally done with "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn. It has taken me forever and a day to complete and several times during my reading I have wanted to put it away and start a new book adventure. I am simply too much of a booknerd to give up, so I pulled up my big-girl pants and finished it off.
I have earlier said (probably over at Goodreads) that I feel like you have to read the book in a happy location and preferably in sunshine, because it is dark and sort of scary. I am used to YA scary fantasy books but this is just a whole another monster. If you have ever read anything by Gillian Flynn, you know exactly what I mean. She has a very twisted mind and the stories has a tendency to linger on and the plot does not show itself until very late. 
Well, that is actually something that I liked, because usually when I read crime stories I can spot the killer or criminal within the first few chapters, but here she kept the suspense going.
I have now read 3 Gillian Flynn books and I have to say that "Sharp Objects" is still my favourite, but it is not on my shortlist of stories to re-read (yes I do that). 
I don't know if it is the genre or the way it is written, but neither of them spoke to me like some books (ie. "The fault in our Stars" by John Green or even "The Catcher in the Rye" by JD Salinger) just do, but if you are a lover of crime stories with a twist I would still recommend these.

Movie vs. Book

By the way, I watched "Gone Girl", and I am so so happy that I decided to watch it in the comfort of my own livingroom and not at the movie theater. First off, I was disappointed that they changed the ending and second off: OMG!!! it is super freaking creepy, and I am super sure that I would have died of several heart attacks if I had watched it on the silver screen.

I hope to hear from you guys on how you feel about Gillian Flynn's writing and if you think I am completely bonkers in my opinions, please let me know in the comment section below.

If you have a book recommendation or have found a seriously funny/amazingly stupid grammatical error in a book, let me know, because I LOVE THOSE.
xoxo Charlie


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Charlie Ranger

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