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DIY | How to handle headphone cord jumble

Oh My Word, am I the only one who has a giant earphone-cord problem? I am sure the answer is no. And yes I am well aware that the new fancy ones are cordless, but I am also well aware that if my earphones were cordless, I would not be able to find them either, because I would have lost them.
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DIY | Before Bed Routine

Going to bed is not always the funnest thing in the world as a kid. Now you can make bath time fun at least. Try out this fun DIY and make washable masterpieces.
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Beauty | How to make a top bun the mermaid way

I love having a great top bun (ballerina bun), but I didn't like any of the hair donuts on the market, because in my lavender hair, it was so obvious I was wearing one. What to do then? I went to the kids clothing store and bought a pair of lavender socks.

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Beauty | Lavender hair

I have had a ton of great comments about my hair, so here comes the long awaited tutorial on how to get awesome pastel lavender hair.

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Tips | How Barbie got her hair back

I might not be a mom, but I am an aunt to the best niece and nephew on the planet, and i wanted them to inherit some of my old toys, that I used to love. I went to the attic of my childhood home, and found me and my sister's old Barbies. They were not all cute looking, which had to be fixed before handing them over to my niece.

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Recipe | Birthday cake

So I might be a bit of a cheater, because this blogpost will mostly be about the delicious creme cheese/buttercreme frosting that I made, and not so much about the entire birthday cake extravaganza. There will be a list for both, but only a pictures tutorial for the frosting.
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