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Beauty | How to make a top bun the mermaid way

Hi Rangers,
For a really long  I had platinum blonde hair, but then I changed it up a bit and went lavender (Check out how, right here). A new problem then occurred, none of my hair accessories matched or blended in anymore.

I love having a great top bun (ballerina bun), but I didn't like any of the hair donuts on the market, because in my lavender hair, it was so obvious I was wearing one. What to do then? I went to the kids clothing store and bought a pair of lavender socks.

Then this super clever DIY happened.

I snipped the toes of the socks, and rolled the socks in on itself, and Tadaa! a mermaid hair donut ready to use, and it magically disappeared in my now lavender hair. Color me excited! (btw, that awesome hair in the above picture is not mine - I WISH! I used to have that colour, but mine was never that full).

So, right now, I have grey silver hair, totally granny hair and I ADORE it, but I now have to go and find a new pair of socks and create something to fit this transformation. But, that is the beauty of this DIY, it is simple, it works and it doesn't cost a whole lot of time nor money.

Hope you enjoyed it!
If you have any questions or just wanna leave me a comment, feel free to do that below in the comment section


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Charlie Ranger

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