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DIY | Before Bed Routine

Hi Rangers,

If you haven't already seen the YouTube video (subscribe to the channel right here) about before bed routines, here it is:

I promised to write down the DIY on how to create bathtub crayons, so here you go: This is what you need:
  • Block of glycerin soap (white or clear)
  • Food coloring or old crayons
  • 2 Glass measuring cup
  • Something to stir with
  • A mold or an ice cube tray (something like empty lipbalm/gluestick containers could work well too)
  • Last but not least a cutting board and a knife
TIP! If you want a darker bathtub crayon, using white soap and old crayons will do just that. If you want a more watercolor effect, I would stick with clear soap and food coloring. This is what you do:
    • You start by putting some of your soap into the glass measuring cup (or something else that can handle the microwave).
    • Put it in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time, stir in between.
    Old Crayon method:
    • In another measuring cup add crayons and melt it in the microwave. About 30 seconds at a time, until it is all melted.
    • Now stir your soap and old crayons together
    • Pour the mixture into your molds
    • Let it sit until completely harden and then pop the bathtub crayons out of the molds.
      Woohoo, draw your little heart out!!  
      Food coloring method:
      • Take the melted soap and stir in food color.
      TIP! You want to add more than you think. If you think it has the color of your dreams, add a bit more. The color somehow gets lighter when it hardens.
      • Pour the mixture into your molds
      • Let it sit until fully harden and then pop the bathtub crayons out of the molds
      Now enjoy!!
      I truly hope you enjoy this little DIY, end let me know how it ends up. Please send me picture of your artwork on either facebook or Instagram. I would love to see the masterpieces before they wash away. 
      Disclaimer: always try out the bathtub crayons in a little corner of your tub, so make sure they are not discoloring anything.


      1000 Giant hugs Charlie ❤️


      If you want to save this for later and maybe share it with you friends. Pin it!
      Charlie Ranger

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