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Recipe | Candied Pecans

I know this might really be a Christmas time snack, but I love them year round, and they fit very well in a lunch box too 😉- so here comes the recipe for yummy goodness.

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Beauty | Brow this way

Like they say "Get the London look". For all you busy ladies out there, who does not have time to worry about brows. I am here today to review a product called "Brow this Way" it is an eyebrow sculpting kit made by Rimmel London. Because of my natural Scandinavian complexion and fair hair colour, my eyebrows have a tendency to disappear if I don't get them dyed at the salon.

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Recipe | PB2 Oat Cookies

The pb2 oat cookies in this recipe is so yummy! The can be crunchie or soft, all to your liking.

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Beauty | Lavender hair

I have had a ton of great comments about my hair, so here comes the long awaited tutorial on how to get awesome pastel lavender hair.

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Review | Tina Fey, oh I mean Amy Poehler

I tried reading something out of the ordinary for me, and I am pretty sure how my feelings for this one is. Not a complete fan would putting it lightly. A little while back I picked up "Yes Please" a so-called autobiography by Amy Poehler and expecting to be wowed.

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Storytime | Halloween + Bonus DIY

My second year I dressed up as a Fallen Angel with big black wings and wayyy too much eye make-up  - of course it was raining and windy outside, so my costume was a serious drag, but we had a blast anyway.

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Recipe | Pretzel Bites

In all honestly, I am sitting on my couch and it is getting pretty late, but a few days back I made pretzel bites and I promised on Instagram to post the recipe here on the blog, so without further ado, here it is and I really hope you rock it.

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Tips | How Barbie got her hair back

I might not be a mom, but I am an aunt to the best niece and nephew on the planet, and i wanted them to inherit some of my old toys, that I used to love. I went to the attic of my childhood home, and found me and my sister's old Barbies. They were not all cute looking, which had to be fixed before handing them over to my niece.

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Review | Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I am finally done with "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn. It has taken me forever and a day to complete and several times during my reading I have wanted to put it away and start a new book adventure. I am simply too much of a booknerd to give up, so I pulled up my big-girl pants and finished it off.

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Recipe | Birthday cake

So I might be a bit of a cheater, because this blogpost will mostly be about the delicious creme cheese/buttercreme frosting that I made, and not so much about the entire birthday cake extravaganza. There will be a list for both, but only a pictures tutorial for the frosting.
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