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Review | Tina Fey, oh I mean Amy Poehler

Hello my dear Rangers,
I tried reading something out of the ordinary for me, and I am pretty sure how my feelings for this one is. Not a complete fan would putting it lightly. A little while back I picked up "Yes Please" a so-called autobiography by Amy Poehler and expecting to be wowed. I was not.

Amy Poehler tells her story from growing up in Massachusetts, to living in New York City and Chicago. This book was not at all as I anticipated. It might be because I was anticipating giggling all the way through, but she uses a lot of time explaining how hard it is writing a book and making it sound like she is only doing it because there is money involved.

Of course there are some really funny anecdotes, and most of them involve Tina Fey or Seth Meyers. Well, now I am doing what she was doing, which is name-dropping, and it felt so fake. It felt like she had to add a lot of famous people and their names, to make sure that people would read the book for the gossip-factor. If you are not a huge improv-fan you might not know a few (a lot) of the people, but she is not afraid to drop them anyway.

Maybe I am just not her biggest fan, maybe I am just not into her style of writing or maybe I am just more a YA-reader to the bone and not afraid to say so.

So, my question is. Did you read the book and how did you like it? Am I completely nuts for not loving this or do you slightly agree?
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xoxo Charlie


Charlie Ranger

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