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Poster | Ønsk

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A5 posters, with a wonderful twist of metallic foil. Metallics are such a huge deal in todays modern interior design, so why not put it on the walls too. They would look great in your living room, but certainly also in the nursery of a Little Ranger.

They are all handmade and printed on cardstock, which results in all the pieces vary a bit and are all unique.

If you want to see more in their natural habitat, follow along on Instagram or facebook.

Poster information
  • The size is an A5
  • The second picture where you see three different styles in one, is just to show what the foils actually look like.
Additional posters
If you need more posters in a particular colour, and it isn't listed, please send me an email at hello@charlieslittlerangers.dk or use the contact form right here.

Washing information

These little bows should only be handwashed and laid flat to dry.

I would like additionals...

If you need more or perhaps a different colour of a specific item and they are not listed, please send me an email at hello@charlieslittlerangers.dk or use the contact form right here.

Size help
If you want to make sure what size to pick. Check out this Size Guide for a full explanation at your fingertips.