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Like they say "Get the London look".
For all you busy ladies out there, who does not have time to worry about brows.

I am here today to review a product called "Brow this Way" it is an eyebrow sculpting kit made by Rimmel London.

There is a reason why you do not find a whole lot of selfies on my Instagram, because I am pretty darn pale, some would even say see-through. Because of my natural Scandinavian complexion and fair hair colour, my eyebrows have a tendency to disappear if I don't get them dyed at the salon.

Well, like I said, I am pretty pale and when I get them dyed they can't be too dark, since it would look like some kind of slug had crawled on my face and stayed there. So the dye-job sadly does not last very long.

Since I am neither made of money to want to go to the salon every other week, I have been looking for a product that wasn't a pencil nor a home-dye-kit (honestly, those things freak me out). I have now found the perfect product for me, the beforementioned product by Rimmel. I was a bit skeptical, but after trying it out I have to say, it is not half bad at all.

The product comes in two versions, I of course bought the light one, which is called "Medium Brown" weirdly enough. When I opened it, it freaked me out that it was that dark, I would have preferred it to be a bit lighter, and I do believe that Rimmel should make a third option (a girl can dream, right?)
Anyway, the kit is very useful and easy to use, and on top of everything, it does not cost and arm and a leg, you can even get it on a low budget.
This is how it works:
The way you use it, is pretty simple. The box comes with two "products", a sticky waxy-thing and something that looks like a really dark eyeshadow. It also comes with two brushes, a mascara-wand and an angled brush.
First you put the wax on, so that your brow hair will be sculpted the way you like it, and after that you just add in the colour. I like to go over the brow with the mascara wand after, just to mellow out the colour a bit.
In total, I would buy this product again if I ever run out (you don't really use much, it will last forever), since it is meeting my brow-needs.
Have you tried it yet? let me know in the comments below.
XoXo Charlie
(I bought this product myself, it is all my own opinion)
Charlie Ranger

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