Storytime | Halloween + Bonus DIY

Hi Spooky Rangers,
We are in mid-late-October and getting closer and closer to the spookiest holiday in history (well, next to the US Presidential Election this year). I am of course talking about Halloween.

When I look back, maybe 10 years, Halloween did not exist in Denmark, we had something (we still do) called Fastelavn. It is like a kids carnival where children dress up in costumes and smack something similar to a pinata. Fastelavn is also called "Carnivaltime", which loosely translated from Latin means "Goodbye to Meat", this is because Fastelavn actually has a really long Christian background, and is very connected to Easter, where you were not allowed to eat meat (similar to Lent). I will end this "lecture" here, so I am not going to bore you with that anymore.

Just one more thing, Fastelavn is in February (or March), so kids in Denmark get to dress up twice and beg for candy - lucky!

So, I moved to the US to study at university and here I was introduced to Halloween. The first year, I hung around campus with a bunch of international students and watched a scary movie marathon on ABC Family. My second year I dressed up as a Fallen Angel with big black wings and wayyy too much eye make-up  - of course it was raining and windy outside, so my costume was a serious drag, but we had a blast anyway.

Now Halloween is more about scaring the kids in the neighbourhood (or having a grown up party), which since the tradition is very new in Denmark, really isn't happening. Most houses puts out carved pumpkins and some a few simple ghosts/skeletons, but nothing fancy or epic like the neighbourhoods in America.
If you wanna go all out, you could wrap some of your big tree in your yard with this awesome DIY.

DIY, Halloween Style

It is really kinda simple, you only have to get 3 things:

  • Fluffy "Animal fur" fabric, in a monster fur colour.
  • Left-over leather, or faux pleather (since we actually like animals here at Charlie's Little Rangers).
  • Sew kit (including a scissor).
First, you have to find a big tree (trunk or full-blown), if that is not happening or maybe you live in an apartment, you could use this DIY to fancy-up some table-legs.

  1. You wrap the tree or table-leg in the "animal fur" and sew it together in the back.
  2. Now you take the leather/pleather and cut out 4 ovals, with one pointy end on each. Just imagine a big monster claw.
  3. When you are done with the claws, you attach them to the bottom of the "animal fur", so it looks like feet.

You could do this to all your table-legs or even your bed's legs, (if it has any) it would give the illusion of a monster under the bed - which is way scarier than the closet.

I hope you all enjoyed this little storytime and bonus DIY, but if you have any questions about the DIY or just want to give me some feedback, just leave a comment in the box below and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
XoXo Charlie

Charlie Ranger

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